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Waterless urinal
Water less urinal

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SS AQUA SOLUTION waterless urinals are an environmentally smart flush-free alternative to conventional water flushing urinals. On an average Conventional urinal flush away approximately 1, 50,000 litres of clean drinking per year, which is yearly requirement of 150 people.

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"Water is important for life and not for urinal!"


Our model there is no need any gel or any cartage. Non-returnable valve blocking odour - not a single drop of water is used! After every months, Engine block needs to be refilled.

Cleaning & maintenance Like any urinal, SS waterless urinal should be cleaned daily. Cleaning of SS waterless urinal is quick and easy for its unique design without inner edges. No need to use harsh detergents, simply spray (shampoo water) or any Glass cleaner and wipe clean with disposable cotton towel or cloth.



Flexibility in Installation

Waterless urinals can be installed in a variety of locations, including areas where plumbing or water supply may be challenging or expensive to install. This flexibility makes them suitable for a wide range of applications, from commercial buildings to public facilities.


Cost Savings

Because waterless urinals do not require water for flushing, they can lead to substantial cost savings on water bills for businesses, institutions, and municipalities. Additionally, the reduced water usage can lower sewage and wastewater treatment costs.


Environmental Impact

By reducing water consumption, waterless urinals help conserve natural resources and minimize the environmental impact associated with water extraction, treatment, and distribution. They also contribute to reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions associated with water treatment processes.


Water Conservation

The most obvious benefit is water conservation. Waterless urinals require no water for flushing, saving significant amounts of water with each use. In regions facing water scarcity or where water conservation is a priority, waterless urinals can make a substantial difference in reducing overall water consumption.



Waterless urinals often require less maintenance than traditional flushing urinals. Since there are no moving parts involved in flushing, there's less risk of mechanical failure. Additionally, without water flowing through the urinal, there's less buildup of mineral deposits and bacteria, reducing the need for frequent cleaning and maintenance.



Waterless urinals can offer improved hygiene in restroom facilities. Without standing water, there's less opportunity for bacteria growth and foul odors. Some waterless urinals also come with anti-bacterial coatings or cartridges to further enhance hygiene.

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Clients Feedback

Waterless urinal is an effective solution to conserve water and keep water table hydrated. Thanks SS AQUA for bringing in revolutionary idea.

Mr.Avik Dey (Aditya Birla Pantaloon Dankuni,(W.B)

As a education institute we teach water conservation and by installing waterless urinals we could reinforce the same in our students. We highly recommend this product to all. We have replaced or installed in all the schools under our affliation.

Mr.Mannan Choksi (Udgam Education Trust. Ahmedabad.)

“It is still unbelievable that such a world class product that could resolve our long standing problem of Odour and ever wet and watery washroom in our Windsor Plaza commercial building, was designed and made by our fellow Barodian”

Mr.Viral Jaiswal (Director Kaplon group ltd Vadodara)

For water saving and eco friendly I appreciate this concept. After using this waterless urinal i am very much happy, and i must say that really this waterless urinal can save lots of water for our next generation. Thanks to SS AQUA.

Mr. Kaushik Ray ( Birla High school Mukundapur, Barakhola, Kolkata )


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